COVID 19 Protocol

Covid-19 Office Protocol for Cohen Pediatric Dentistry

Follow OSHA/CDC/ADA/AAPD Guidelines/Recommendations to provide safe operating environment for patients, parents & the dental team 

A. Patients, Parents, Legal Guardians or Responsible Individuals

1. Prior to Arrival:

     a.  Patients are advised on the phone:

           Wear mask
           Be prepared to answer screening questions regarding Covid-19 & travel
           Not to bring children who do not have appointment with our office
           Only ONE parent/guardian/Responsible Individual allowed per family

2. Upon Arrival:

      a. Text their arrival and wait in the parking lot to be called
      b. Come to the front door when called, wearing mask
      c.  Be prepared to have parent/guardian/responsible individual and child(ren’s) temperature 
           taken with non-contact thermometer
     d.  Answer questions on Covid-19 screening form prior to entry into the office area
     e.  Hand sanitizers and masks, if needed, are available throughout the office 

3.  Reception Room:

     a. Magazines, books, toys, video games etc. and other items of multiple contacts needing        
          frequent disinfecting have been removed
     b.  Limited seating is available, with chairs marked to follow Social Distancing protocol
     c.  Individuals from the same family or household are allowed at a time, or families are  
           separated by at least six feet distance    

4.  Treatment Area:

      a. Patients are separated to follow Social Distancing Protocol by using alternate dental 
          chairs, placing only the patients from the same family in adjacent dental chairs, if needed.
     b. H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) mouthwash is available for patients to use prior to receiving    
         dental treatment.
     d. Hand sanitizers available as needed
     c.  Air purifiers with Hepa Filters, as recommended are placed in treatment areas to 
          continuously circulate and purify air
     d. UV lights are used to sterilize and purify air during lunch break and non-patient 
          times only, for eye protection
     e.  Recommended PPE is used by Doctor and Dental Team to protect patients, parents/
          guardians/responsible individuals and themselves 
     f.  Wireless headphones to watch overhead TVs are discontinued to avoid cross-
     g. “Play-House” is dis-assembled and stored to follow social distancing protocol

B.   Doctor & Dental Team
       Upon Arrival:

       a.  Doctor and Dental Team arrive in regular attire to the office. 
       b. Temperature is checked with a non-contact thermometer and recorded for each   
            member of the Dental Team
       b. H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) mouthwash and hand sanitizer are available for use
       c. The Dental Team members proceed to area designated for “Doffing and Donning”
            of PPE

       During workday:

       a.  The Dental Team members change into appropriate work attire, scrubs, and follow
             the “Donning” process.
       b.  KN95 masks, surgical masks, face-shields, hairnets, gowns, shoe covers are available 
             and worn, as needed during workday
       c.   Handwashing protocol, using soap and warm water is followed 
       d.  Social Distancing protocol among Dental Team members and parents/guardians/
             responsible individuals is followed

      End of Workday:

      a. “Doffing” procedure is followed for PPE in the designated area by Dental Team members
            as recommended prior to leaving office.

    Office Training:

          a. Numerous Covid-19 related informative webinars regarding precautions, guidelines, 
              recommendations, re-opening have been viewed and are available to the Doctor and     
              the Dental Team including but not limited to, AAPD Checklist, ADA, TDA, OSHA 
              guidelines, recommendations and ‘Doffing and Donning’ video.

         b. In person training sessions related to various issues involving Covid-19 safety were  
              conducted upon re-opening and are reviewed/revised as necessary.